About Us

Advertising and promotion are crucial to today’s market. They will determined the successfulness of the marketing plan. As a result, the important role they play are more concerned in this competitive market.

Color Dot Com S/B is incorporated to meet customer’s expectations and requirements to achieve brilliant results. We have our, passion, highly energy and experience marketing and production teams to work with you to provide the highest quality, innovative and market relevant product and services profitably in a competitive advertising and design environment.

As a service organization, we are dedicated to delivery quality services to our customer. We believe that only achieve customers satisfaction, both party can create mutual trust and to grow together to face the coming challenges.
Our mission is to ensure that our customers experience quality services and high level of customer satisfaction by providing our ideas & knowledge to assist our customers to achieve their marketing goals.

A wide range and comprehensive printing solutions associate with competitive pricing, our customers are in peace of minds.

As a result, leave the rest of difficulty to us; we are always ready to backup your promotion plan and assist your to gain the most favorable results.

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